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Our Services


Our staff is fully qualified in local neighborhoods and rental markets to advise you on appropriate fees for your property. 

Tenant Screening 

We take professional pride in finding quality tenants for your property. We run a full credit check as Well as a back ground and criminal check on all tenants. 

Legal Matters 

All of our contracts and agreement forms were drawn up by a local attorney to protect both you and your property. 

Rent Collection & Dispersal 

Rents are collected by the fifth day of each month. Rental proceeds are paid on a predetermined date. Notices are handled in a timely and efficient manner. 


Each month you will receive a detailed statement. At the end of the year you are provided with a comprehensive statement for your tax records. You always know where you stand regarding income and expenses. 

Property Maintenance

Our extensive list of reliable, reasonable and responsible contractors can cover any repairs or maintenance your property may require. Should an emergency arise We provide 24 hour care.